Today the Menarini Group is the largest Italian pharmaceutical group in the world.

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In the 1960’s, Menarini understood the importance of broadening its horizons beyond Italy and as first step, Laboratorios Menarini of Barcelona, Spain was established.

In the 1970’s Menarini's position in Italy was strengthened following a decade of co-marketing agreements made with other Italian pharmaceutical companies.

Once Menarini achieved leadership in the Italian market in the 1990's, it focused on expanding throughout Europe and the world by acquiring or opening affiliate companies.

Today the Menarini Group is present:

  • in all countries of the European Union
  • in Switzerland
  • in the Central and Eastern European region where the major international pharmaceutical groups exist, particularly in Russia, in the Baltic countries, and the other countries of the ex-Soviet Union
  • In Turkey with the acquisition of I.E. Ulagay in 2000
  • In Central America where it ranks fifth
  • In the emerging countries such as India (1995), Vietnam (1994), China and Korea
  • In South Africa
  • In Argentina (2001)
  • In Mexico (2008)

The Group also markets its own products in over 100 countries of the world through agents and local distributors.
The Menarini Group is the biggest Italian pharmaceutical group in the world according to the IMS 2007 data.

It ranks at the following positions:
16 th in Europe out of 5,180 companies
38 th in the world out of 18,237 companies
(IMS World Review Preview; IMS World Review Pack per number of companies)




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