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Please, note that the medicines with a * are products linked to RMA material (Risk Minimisation Activity), which can for example include a checklist to be completed by the physician before prescribing.  The DHPCs (Direct Healthcare Professional Communications) and checklists are available via this link.

Adenuric 80mg (febuxostat)
Adenuric 120mg (febuxostat)
Bellozal 20mg (bilastine)
Belsar 10 mg (olmesartan)
Belsar 20 mg (olmesartan)
Belsar 40 mg (olmesartan)
Belsar Plus 20/12,5mg (olmesartan + HCT)
Belsar Plus 20/25mg (olmesartan + HCT)
Belsar Plus 40/12,5mg (olmesartan + HCT)
Belsar Plus 40/25mg (olmesartan + HCT)
Fastum 2.5% Gel  dispenser (ketoprofen) *
Fastum 2.5% Gel  tube (ketoprofen) *
Forzaten 20/5 mg (olmesartan + amlodipine)
Forzaten 40/5 mg (olmesartan + amlodipine)
Forzaten 40/10 mg (olmesartan + amlodipine)
Forzaten HCT 20/5/12,5 mg  (olmesartan + amlodipine + HCT)
Forzaten HCT 40/5/12,5 mg  (olmesartan + amlodipine + HCT)
Forzaten HCT 40/5/25 mg  (olmesartan + amlodipine + HCT)
Forzaten HCT 40/10/12,5 mg  (olmesartan + amlodipine + HCT)
Forzaten HCT 40/10/25 mg  (olmesartan + amlodipine + HCT)
Frovatex 2,5mg (frovatriptan)
Glurenorm 30mg (gliquidone)
Hypoloc 5mg (nebivolol)
Hyporetic 5/12,5 (nebivolol + HCT)
Ilexel 20 mg (bilastine)
Ketesse 25mg granules  (dexketoprofen )
Ketesse 50mg/2ml injection  (dexketoprofen )
Ketesse 12,5mg tablets   (dexketoprofen )
Ketesse 25mg tablets  (dexketoprofen )
Lysox junior granules 100mg (acetylcysteine)
Lysox granules 200mg (acetylcysteine)
Lysox granules 400mg (acetylcysteine)
Lysox granules 600mg (acetylcysteine)
Metformax 850 mg (metformin)
Migard 2,5mg (frovatriptan)
Nobiten 5mg (nebivolol)
Nobiretic 5/12,5mg (nebivolol + HCT)
Nobiretic 5/25mg (nebivolol + HCT)
Priligy 30mg (dapoxetine)
Priligy 60mg (dapoxetine)
Ranexa 500mg (ranolazine)
Ranexa 375mg (ranolazine)
Ranexa 750mg (ranolazine)
Skudexa 75 mg/25 mg (dexketoprofen + tramadol)
Spasmomen 40mg (otilonium)
Spedra 50mg (avanafil)
Spedra 100mg (avanafil)
Spedra 200mg (avanafil)
Zerpex 125mg (brivudine) *
Zopranol 15mg (zofenopril)
Zopranol Plus 30/12,5mg (zofenopril + HCT)

Please, note that all medicinal products available in Belgium can be found via the link:


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